VII T1 SS Political Parties Textbook Solutions



I. Choose the correct answer:

1. What is meant by B1-party system? 

Ans:a)Two parties run the government

2. Which system of government does India have? 

Ans:c)Multi-party system

3. Recognition of a political party is accorded by________.

Ans: a)The Election commission.

4. Political parties are generally formed on the basis of ________.

Ans: b)Common interest

5. Single-party system is found in _______.


II. Fill in the blanks:

1. Political parties form the back bone of democracy.

2. Every party in our country has to register with the Election commission.

3. Political parties serve as intermediaries between the citizen and the policy makers.

4. A registered but unrecognized political party cannot contest election on its own symbol.

5. The leader of the opposition party enjoys the rank of Cabinet minister.

III. Match the following:

1. Democracy - Free and fair election

2. Election commission - Rule of the people

3. Majority party - Criticize the government policies

4. Opposition party - Forms the government

IV. Consider the following statements: Tick the appropriate answer:

1. Which of the following statement is/are correct?

a) Every party in the country has to register with the election commission.

b) The commission treats all the parties equally.

c) Election commission allots a separate symbol for recognized parties.

d) All the above.

Ans: d) All the above.

2. Assertion: Majority party plays a decisive role in making laws for the


Reason: The number of candidates elected is more than the others in the


a) R is the correct explanation of A.

b) R is not the correct explanation of A.

c) R is wrong A is correct.

d) A and R are wrong.

Ans: R is the correct explanation of A.

V. Answer in one or two sentences:

1. What are the basic components of a political party?

 Political party has three basic components

  •  The leader

  •  The active member

  •  The followers

2. Name the three major types of party system.

  • Single party system

  • BI party system

  • Multi party system

3. Name the countries which follow Bi – party system.

  •  UK 

  • USA

4. Write a note on Coalition Government.

In a multiparty system a single party sometimes may not secure the majority required to form the government. In such a case, some parties join together to form the government; such a government is called a coalition government.

VI. Answer the following:

1. Write any four functions of political party?

  • Provide: Loyal opposition, accountability & stability

  • Nominate: Select and nominate individuals to elected office.

  • Organize: Organize political campaign, rallies and announcement of manifesto to win public office.

  • Co-ordinate: Connect the society and the state. Coordinate among member elected to office.

  • Govern: Form and run the government and develop public policy.

2. When is a political party recognized as a National Party?

  • Criteria for the recognition of political parties in India National parties.

  • A party that secures at least 6% of the valid votes in Lok sabha election or assembly election in four states.

  • They must win 4 seats in Lok sabha from any state.

  • It has to win 2% of seats in Lok sabha from at least 3 different states in the latest general election.

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